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Human Living DataJun 28, 2023 10:07:53 PM2 min read

Visitor Analysis

Utilizing Data to Enhance Marketing Strategies

In today's competitive retail landscape, understanding customer behavior and preferences is key to driving success. A world-renowned clothing brand recently embarked on a journey to gain in-depth knowledge about their customers visiting their store in Gran Vía, Madrid. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven analysis, they aimed to identify strategic audience flows and tailor their marketing and commercial strategies accordingly.

The Challenge: Uncovering Visitor Patterns

Our client faced the challenge of comprehensively understanding their customers' journey before and after visiting their store. They recognized the importance of this knowledge to develop effective marketing campaigns and enhance the overall shopping experience. To overcome this challenge, they sought a data-driven solution that would provide valuable insights into their customers' behaviors and preferences.

Our Solution: The Power of Data Analytics

To tackle this task, we used our advanced tool, Human Mobility, which utilizes anonymous cellular data signals to track visitors' locations before and after entering a designated perimeter By analyzing this data, we were able to uncover crucial patterns and trends that would guide the client's marketing and commercial strategies. Here's how our solution worked:

  1. Visitor Location Identification: Through the anonymous cellular data signals, we traced a staggering 34,590 cell phones, allowing us to identify the locations where visitors originated and their subsequent destinations. This information provided a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s movements within the city.
  2. Traffic Pattern Identification: By examining the data, we discovered relevant patterns according to the day of the week and time of year. This information allowed the client to optimize their staffing and resource allocation strategies to meet customer demands during peak times effectively.

The Results: Maximizing Marketing Potential:

Our data-driven solution provided the client with actionable insights to enhance their marketing and commercial strategies. Here are some of the key findings that enabled the client to make informed decisions:

  1. Density Mapping: Using the collected data, we created a comprehensive map that visually depicted areas of the city with the highest density of visitors. This visualization provided the client with a clear understanding of where their target audience was most active, aside from the client’s store.
  2. Visitor Origin Analysis: Our analysis revealed the countries from which the majority of visitors originated. This information allowed the client to tailor their marketing messages and offerings to better resonate with their international customer base.
  3. Strategic Marketing and Commercial Planning: Armed with a deep understanding of their customers' behavior and preferences, the client could define better targeted marketing and commercial strategies. This approach helped them personalize their offerings, provide an exceptional shopping experience, and drive customer loyalty.