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Advanced analytics for a world in motion.

Human provides strategy, marketing and growth teams with advanced analytics tools to optimize location and deployment decisions.

Companies and startups turning data into action

Why Human Living Data

Make faster, safer, and more reliable decisions.
Use data.

Human empowers your teams with data-based knowledge, together with superior customer support to turn data into action.
Decision Making
Wise resource allocation

Just focus on your strategic questions, we answer with the right value and service. Budget & Resource optimization for technology and teams, simplified.

External Data
Deep Knowledge
Broaden your understanding of the world through the lens of curated external & privacy compliant data.
Agile Workflow
Sharp Results
Actively understand complex topics that shape your market. Go from 0 to 100 faster than you though possible.

275 Trillion

Monthly physical consumer Interactions

How often and how do people interact with a location in person?

10 Thousand

Cities and their citizens decoded block by block.

Discover opportunities  like never before with our building-level mapping technology.

11 Million

e-Commerces & their digital market volumes

Explore e-Commerce market volumes and online shopping drivers.

3.5 Million

Startups & their most strategic information

Unveiling the core Information of Startups as one of the top-most relevant strategic sources.

180 Million

Companies with operational data and most relevant KPIs

How often do your customers interact with a location in person?

29 Million

Top most important Places & Points of interest on earth

How often do your customers interact with a location in person?


Internet + social media + scientific research news and opinions 

Harnessing the power of internet and social media, consumer insights can be gleaned from a vast array of opinions and feedback.


Humans geolocated with demographics and daily behavior.

Unleash the potential of algorithmic research with our cutting-edge approach. Your experts will save time and laser laser focus on relevant topics.

Possibilities to Catalyze breakthrough innovation

Our team is serving leaders in any corner of this planet, together we can transform our approach towards creating a better world. 

Universal Reach

Data synthesis & actionable strategies

Human Living Data synthesizes and interprets real-time data to provide actionable insights and recommendations for your business.

Our expert team delivers high-level support to unlock the power of your ideas.

Ready to up your decision-making game?

Book a 20-minute call with our team of experts.

We'll delve into your strategic queries and showcase how our cutting-edge technology and skilled teams can help you achieve your goals with an agile, data-driven approach.


Our set of tools and experts empower global leaders in understanding their markets, and accelerate data-based daily decision making, actions and growth experiments.