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Human Living DataAug 15, 2023 5:12:23 PM2 min read

Supercharging e-commerce and B2B business through effective prospecting

Key takeaway

By adopting a context-aware approach, a global e-commerce platform effectively directed their sales force to discover and prospect 1300 leads for their car dealership division. 

Online car dealerships, as well as other e-commerce and retail businesses, rely on effective prospecting processes. Here's how one customer used Geoinsight Places to approach this challenge more effectively.


The challenge

How to locate new prospects?

Our client is consistently confronted with the task of identifying prospective customers for their newly established online car dealership platform. With an ever increasing target market to address, it is key to ensure that the sales force finds leads worth pursuing for customer acquisition — an effort that often requires substantial dedication and effort. Randomly sending their team to visit scattered locations or making cold calls proved to be both time consuming and ineffective.


Our approach

Location-aware business related clusters

Our client decided to integrate Geoinsight Places into their daily sales process. By leveraging its comprehensive geospatial approach, we mapped and categorized over 1300 potential customers for our client. Through a thorough analysis of their ratings, reviews, and exploration of related points of interest in their vicinity, we provided our customer with an intuitive approach towards customer prospection, enabling them to concentrate on prospects located within geographic areas with the greatest potential.


The results

Agility and precision for sales teams

Our customer increased their customer acquisition KPI's and the overall effectiveness of their funnel by focusing their salesforce on specific locations. Furthermore, the use of Geoinsight Places allowed for a more organized and systematic approach in their lead management process, providing them with greater efficiency. Our client was able to acquire 130 new customers within the first two months of this campaign.



With the support of Human and their platform, our sales force has effectively empowered, implementing a strategic and precise approach, while remaining vigilant for emerging prospects.
-Sales Manager


Traditional vs data-based, location-aware customer prospection:

With traditional customer prospection methods, sales teams are required to allocate substantial resources such as time and money in order to identify leads worth pursuing. Guessing where to deploy sales forces is often based on instinct. This can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

With Geoinsight Places, however, customers can leverage an intuitive data-driven solution that enables them to quickly find prospects with much greater accuracy and a better understanding of a location's context.

By utilizing this geospatially focused approach, our customers are able to identify and target potential prospects more efficiently. Instead of carrying out random field visits, our tool allows them to address their efforts towards geographic areas with the greatest potential for success while also allowing them to avoid costly mistakes such as targeting prospects that are unlikely to convert. Contextual information such as a prospect's rating, customer reviews, points of interest around it can help sales teams to pinpoint areas of opportunity, giving them an edge over traditional methods of prospection.

Plus, through our platform it is possible to keep track of visited or processed prospects, and our regular data updates guarantee that our customers consistently have access to the most up-to-date information. This ensures a better control over prospection processes.