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Human Living DataJun 28, 2023 9:52:15 PM2 min read

Prioritize Locations

Unlocking Market Opportunities: A Data-driven Approach to Prioritize Locations


A premium coffee brand wanted to identify optimal cafe locations in New York, USA for their expansion process. By employing a comprehensive Opportunity Index, we provided valuable insights into consumer preferences and strategic locations, resulting in a clear roadmap for market prioritization.

Challenge: Unveiling the Perfect Spots 

Our client, a premium coffee brand, faced the challenge of finding the perfect cafes to showcase and sell their product in New York. Recognizing that their product would resonate best with high-income individuals, they sought a solution to identify locations where their target demographic would be.

Our Solution: Market Prioritization in a new territory

To address the client's challenge, we used a data-driven method, Geoinsight Reach, for prioritizing market opportunities within the city. Here's how our solution worked:

  1. Opportunity Index: Our tool introduced an Opportunity Index that computed the optimal combination of high-income consumers and ideal places to target. By leveraging various variables impacting growth, we quantified and ranked locations based on their potential to drive success.
  2. Comprehensive Analysis: Utilizing the Opportunity Index, our tool marked the highest potential locations on a map. We took into account factors such as location ratings, customer sentiment analysis, and positive/negative reviews associated with each location of interest. This comprehensive analysis provided deep insights into consumer preferences and value perception.

The result: Maximizing market potential

Our data-driven solution yielded compelling results, delivering significant value to the client. Here's what they found most relevant:

  1. Clear Roadmap: Our tool provided a clear roadmap at a zipcode level, prioritizing locations with the most digital interactions and proximity to high-income end customers in New York. This enabled the client to focus their efforts on areas with the highest potential for engagement and sales.
  2. Targeted Marketing: Armed with insights into consumer preferences and location-specific dynamics, the client could tailor their marketing strategies to resonate with their target audience. This targeted approach allowed them to maximize the impact of their promotional efforts.
  3. Streamline resource allocation: optimizing both time and financial investments, by leveraging the Opportunity Index and conducting comprehensive analysis, this data-driven approach not only aids in identifying the most promising locations but also assists in defining a strategic plan before the expansion initiative commences. By aligning the expansion plan with a well-defined strategy, the client can effectively allocated resources to the right places, enhancing the chances of success and minimizing risks associated with market expansion.