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Human Living DataJun 28, 2023 10:00:11 PM2 min read

Location Intelligence

Driving Sales Growth: Location Intelligence for Revenue Optimization

The leading e-commerce platform in Latin America is embarking on a new market expansion as part of its growth strategy in the B2B business model. To ensure success, we offered a data-driven methodology that provided valuable insights into strategic locations for developing an effective sales strategy. 

Challenge: Boosting sales team efforts, efficiency & results

Our client, a Digital Vehicle Marketplace with a B2B business model, is trying to enter a new market with limited understanding of the context and relying on a single sales representative to increase market share. This endeavor calls for strategic planning, meticulous market research, and astute resource allocation to navigate the challenges that lie ahead and triumphantly establish a strong presence in an unfamiliar territory. 

Our solution: Focused Sales Strategy: Unleashing Success

Overcoming this challenge was made possible with Geoinsight Places, our geospatial tool. By swiftly identifying potential prospects based on predefined profiles provided by our client, it revolutionized the partnership development process. By analyzing geospatial data, the tool pinpointed patterns and high-density zones, facilitating prioritization and experimentation.

Here's how our solution worked:

  1. Quantify high potential areas: our tool  identified areas with a high density of potential prospects.  
  2. Data to action: With invaluable information at their fingertips, our client accelerated the sales closing process, gaining a competitive edge. The ability to prioritize places based on rates and comments empowered them to allocate resources strategically, focusing on the most promising opportunities. Geoinsight Places transformed data into actionable insights, driving remarkable outcomes for our client's business.

The result: Sales Efficiency: Maximizing Performance

Our methodology and powerful tool revolutionize the approach our client takes to address their business challenges. By leveraging data-driven spatial analysis, they gained a competitive edge, made informed decisions, and unlocked opportunities:

  1. Strategic Route Planning: This tool helped our client develop a comprehensive route plan that guides sales representatives to the most promising zones with high-potential target clients.
  2. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Understanding the data within the territory's context to identify clusters of locations that indicate the presence of potential consumers was key in establishing focused marketing campaigns in these areas to enhance brand awareness.
  3. Ecosystem Approach: The discovery of high density areas was crucial not only for the development of strategic partnerships with distributors, but also for leveraging alternative channels for effective marketing campaigns.
  4. Streamlined Prospecting: Improved  performance and productivity by optimizing time and budget expenses in the prospecting process.